Sonntag, 10. April 2011


In the second half of chapter 14 Jonas' father is telling the family unit that he has to decide on release of a twin. But why do they want release for a twin? Isn't that what they want: total sameness? It's a bit wierd isn't it?
I would enjoy to hear your opinion!


  1. Jantien,
    thank you for both, the lovely picture (where did you get it from by the way?) and the questions you raise. I had not thiught about the contradiction of total sameness and the release of one twin. Actually makes me think that this could (or SHOULD!) be something that Jonas' father could spend a thought on...

    to decide ON sth.

  2. You're right the paradoxial statement is kind of confusing. I believed they want total sameness. But maybe it's their way to show just a little individualism. And I'm so sorry I've forgotten the source and I can't find it either. :/