Montag, 11. April 2011

chapter 18

sectionalized reading
p.108/ll. 16 : -Jonas asked the Giver if he ever thought about release
                     -their talking about their inability to "apply" for release
                      (not permitted to)
p.111/ll. 2:-Jonas asked the Giver about the failure ten years ago
                 -the Giver told him about Rosemary the prior twelve that 
                  have been selected to be the new Receiver
                   -After her fifth week Rosemary wanted some more 
                    difficult memories 
                   -the Giver transmitted lonlyness and loss to her
                   -after the lonlyness the Giver wants to enliven her
                   -but she can't handle the pain and stranger memories
                   -so she asked for release and never came back
p.112/ll.18:-Jonas asked the Giver what would happen if he had an 
                  -Jonas thinks about the memories. When he gets lost are 
                   the memories lost too?
                  -the Giver told him that when he lost the memories came 
                    back to the people because memories are forever
                  -if Jonas get lost the community would have to handle
                   with the memories he collected till then

So it was very hard for Rosemary to handle the hard stuff will Jonas be able to handle it ? What did you think of it!


  1. Jantien,

    your points are all very clear, but I was waiting for some of your own thoughts on the summary-like notes.

    Mind the 3rd pers. sg. - s and check that you don't switch tenses without thought.

  2. I almost try to post my thoughts and so this time I just wanted to face the facts