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The Communities Evening Show (chapter 13)

I will write a show procedure where Jonas and the Receiver act like they were telling the truth to the host and the audience it's also an idea from the Giver to train Jonas capacity of lying by acting like he's offering the whole truth.
Host:" Tonight Ladies and Gentelman we'll have the biggest contention in our show ever. We made it through many spectacular shows and you know what I mean we had them all. But tonights evening we'll have the break in our show-history. Ladies and Gentlemen : student vs. teacher, young vs. old, Ladies and Gentlemen the two most honored persons in the community : the Giver vs. Jonas our future Receiver of Memory. Let's welcome our tonights starguests." hurricane of applause.
The Giver and Jonas entered the studio. Audience begin to scream especially the female. Host try to keep the horde calm by his overdone extra bleached smile.
Jonas embarrased but still acting cool :" Hi everyone"
The Giver sniffing :"The same prosedure as always"
Host smiling :"So Ladies and Gentlemen this are my guests for tonight :the Giver and the new Receiver -Jonas. to the two guests It's a honor to finally meet you. How is it going? to the Giver Is Jonas doing well? to the audience and the cameras As some of you may noticed: Jonas isn't able to talk about his training but today they'll publish some things to us and you will have a view into their training hours. So Receiver tell us about your training. What are you actually doing? Do you fight? Do you learn more than we do? What are you actually doing?"
Jonas concentrating:"Training starts like all trainings after school but that's a fact that the most should know because I go to school like everyone else. And it ends at the same time. What we start with is a view back to the past -"
The Giver: "Trainings. The past trainings."
Jonas: "Right. The past trainings just what I was about to say."
The Giver: "Sure!"
Host: "Seems like you were not always in the best relation right."
Jonas: "Oh no it's almost calm between us two just in some situations my enunciation is not appropriated and I need to learn to word things right."
The Giver: "Enunciation is important for the selection of being the Receiver."
Jonas nodding: "As the Chief Elder said at the ceremony there were different qualities I have to have.This one was one of the ones which were not told at the ceremony and it's a very important one"
Host: "Okay but now back to your training. What else do you do except for this sharing your erstwhile trainings."
The Giver: "We do kind of very special relaxing called yoga."
Jonas: "It's to perceive the body better."
Host:"What is this yoga like."
Jonas:" It's like ...-sports.Yeep sports."
The Giver: "Yes but that's just a little part of it nothing special we're not gonna so this the whole time along."
Host:"Soooo ...-"
Jonas: "So as you already said we do a kind of fighting.the audience murmurs Don't be afraid it's not that we're fighting against each other. We're fighting with each other.To improve our achievement."
The Giver: "That's exactly what we are doing.And we do kind of instructions it's like Jonas get some privat lessons. Additional lessons."
Host: "Sounds nice!"
Jonas:"Not really."
Host:" No not really you're right but isn't it boring for you. Ohh Giver I apologize my rudeness it was a bit against your approach."
The Giver:" I accept your apologize. But I think Jonas can't handle the boredom. And even if it's boring he handles the stuff quite good. So I don't matter if he sometimes loses concentration."
Jonas:" And I don't have to apologize for it that's quite cool."
breathtaking in the entire audience
Host:"What have you just said Jonas I mean it sounds like you don't hanve to apologize."
The Giver: "Yes that's right we actually wasn't about to tell this fact but ...Yes he don't have to."
Host:"Okay everyone that was an exiting little tour through the training of our new Receiver we all get to know more about it in the next show this was The Communities Evening Show.Join us tomorrow evening same time same station."

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  1. Jantien,
    it's a nice idea to imagine that people in the community might - as we do - watch some TV shows in the evenings. You did well on not telling too much of Jonas' training and the explanations Jonas and the Giver gave were easy to understand for the community, I guess.

    Here's something you should take a look at languagewise:
    - 3rd person sg. -s is missing from time to time
    - check usage of this /these
    - how is it GOING
    - you GO to school, not APPEAR ;)
    - exCept FOR
    - I don't MIND / It doesn't matter
    - we => plural form of to be