Montag, 11. April 2011


In chapter 17 Jonas was talking a lot about love.Were do these feelings come out of a sudden? Because he got the memories of love or because he's not any longer taking the pill? Do he just apperceive this feelings because he knows the memories and don't take the pill any longer? Both or just one of the two?



  1. Again, another interesting picture and a question that certainly comes up when reading. I guess it must be a mixture of both - love is not only a memory to be transmitted, but I think JOnas will also feel it once he no longer takes the pills. Why do you think the hand is connected to love? Is it only for the words that are written on it or could there be another idea behind it?

    - Where do these feeling come from out of a sudden?
    - Mind the 3rd person singular -s!!!

  2. It doesn't just show the words writen on the hand .The hand is also a tie between two people. Like lovers holding heir hands whilst they walk the street along. It connects us to the people around us. For an example in church when we shake each others hand it is a gesture to come closer to the other one. Or when we need a support we sometimes want others to just hold our hand and be quite or more emotional to hug us which in my opinion is just a huge increase of holding someones hand.