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Overview of received memories

During his adult-in-training Jonas receives many memories. So I thought to record this facts for each chapter. up to now Jonas already received some memories ...

  • chapter 11 - snow, sled, hill, sunshine, sunburn
  • chapter 12 - "red" ( color, capacity to see beyond), rainbow you can see I've chosen different colours to mark whether a memory is good resp. normal or bad resp. painful.

During chapter 12 the author explained how it must be to receive the memories: You're still in the room from where you started your "journey" - rather your body is still their, it stays in its basic position-, you can move or change your position while you "went" through the world which is shown in the memories, you can feel the settings of this imagined world. The timeframe of being in this memory-world depends, it could be two or three hours or minutes but at the end just a few minutes past in the real world. 
Jonas experiences all this properties during his first two receives.
When the Giver transmitted the memories to him the giver lost his memory of the given memory but in most cases the giver owns more than just one memory, sometimes thousands of. To see a memory again you just have to think of it, remember the experience.

resp. = respectively - bzw. = beziehungsweise

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