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post-reading activities

I decided to make a post-titeling the first. Easy going isn't it!

Okay I thought about a couple of  "new" titles for the book

This idea has to handle with Supernatural one of my favorite series ever (I first thought about the name and then started to think where I know it from).

(okay I wanted to put in a video here but I can't find the right one with blogger so just a link)

But here's another video (also another song but when you exactly concentrate on what Sam and Dean are talking about there are relations to the context of the book)

I thought this would work very well as a title because as you know Jonas rides along the road to nowhere at the end and the road seems endless. And it's my favorite opportunity.

I also thought about "And annualy greets the December" -as a approval to " Und täglich grüßt das Murmeltier"-as a possible title but I think "Decembers" suit better. The book begins with the December in which Jonas is going to be given his assignment and the book ends with a december where Jonas just in the night before the "ceremony-day" disappears together with the newchild which actually should been released the next day. So Decembers play a big role.

      3.Who's got what it takes to be
Okay I know this is also a title of one of the songs from the movie "Camp Rock" but it fits you need to admit me in this point I mean ask the Google translater for a translation of " who's got what it takes to be" into German and he will answer "wer hat was es zu sein braucht" and that sounds really philosophical.

So this are my three oportunities for a different titel for the book "The Giver". I hope you enjoyed the entire blog-thing as much as I did. I mean it was hard to get into it and for some it was sometimes hard to take their thoughts into the right words but at the end -this is the point where your head should shake in a sign that you want to admit- it was a cool time we spend simultaneously in front of the screen and our nose sunk into the book.

After they left the community

(Rewriting of the days after)
Jonas can hear Gabe crying in his seat behind him but he can't hear the voice anymore. Till he left his community he heared the loudspeakers ringing alarm THE NEW RECIEVER RUN AWAY. The awareness of Gabe sitting right behind him kept him away from insanity. Of course he'd never been so far away but he feels such a pain in his heart. A part of him aware of being nearly alone now another part preparing for tomorrows ceremony. He hesistated just for a second that peddaled faster than befor. No, he can't go back now. It's decided. No way back. His legs ached but he just pedaled on. He loses alignment. There was just one road to nowhere. He doesn't evem know how to survive the next week. Gabe struggled. Jonas don't know what he should do next.

The days past eventless. At night he was pedaling. At day they were sleeping. Jonas was aware of the crying in his back and that was the only thing which induces him to go one.

After a couple of days Jonas could see a building  at the horizon. He pedaled faster. There wasn't enough water for them two since the last night so Jonas had to halve his part so that Gabe have his whole dose. When he reached the house he dismounts from his bike took Gabe and moved to the door. Going wasn't as easy as riding his legs felt like jelly. When he reached the door he could here a sound coming from inside. Music. He could remember the word. The Giver once used it. For the first time after he left the community he felt heartsick because he left the Giver -his friend.
Jonas knocked on the door and the music stopped abrupt. Then silence. After a while the door opened just a little. In the gap between door and doorframe he could see a face directly looking at him. Then the door opened. There was a young woman standing in the frame and frightened looking behind him. Then she tokked his arms and pull him into the house. Gabe smiled. Jonas was wondered who this woman might be. She must have been at his age but she seemed much older. "Who are you?" Jonas asked with confusion. "Doesn't matter.""Oh of course it matters. Who are you?" The woman turned to him looking at Gabriel. "I'm the one who will never be the same." Oh that was exactly what Jonas needed. Enigmas. "Just tell me who you are." Jonas wasn't angry at this person her face was too lovely to be angry about her. "Rosemary"
His hearbeat got stuck. What did she just say. Rosemary really. That can't be. He looked into her eyes and saw the same paleness that he saw when he had looked into a mirror or into the Givers face. He exactly weight out the coincidence. Could this really be. No it can't because Rosemary -meaning the Givers daughter- had been released. He stared at her. She killed herself. That was what the giver had told him. "Where are you from? What's your history?".
"I don't even know you why should I tell this to you?" Jonas flipped forward and grabbed her shoulders. He transmittered her his memories of the last year. She ripped her eyes. "No this can't be."

The last three weeks pasted such eventful. Rosemary felt in love with Jonas.
After he told her the entire truth and told her about the past ten years (just the facts he could remember at) she asked him to stay with him forever. She also told him about her truth and mentioned her "Immortality". One evening as they sat at the fire in the livingroom she told him why she is still as young as he is. "After a year I noticed that I don't age any more. It's complicated but after a time it's simple to understand." There are so many new things for Jonas that he thought he could handle that too. During the first week she told him everything about her survival out in the nowhere. She showed him the colourful landscape, the fields, the flowers and much more. They both take care of Gabe and did a kind of adoption. She continued. "We're in nowhere. So many rules don't suit this place. But our age changes." "But...-" "Shhhhhh just listen. I'm not a Twelve anymore because this system doesn't suit this place. But I didn't age neither. I'm a full adult and you're too. We reach the adult-status and stop aging. It's our own system." Jonas felt a tear on his cheek. From here to infinty with his love Rosemary and his "son" Gabriel. "From here to infinity" she wispered and Jonas saw a single tear rolling down her cheek.

chapter 20

In chapter 20 Jonas and the Giver pointed out a way for Jonas to escape.
What I will focuse on is the last paragraph the part where the Giver tells the real truth about Rosemary.
At the point where Jonas pleased the Giver to come with him the Giver denies. He said he's going to stay with his daughter. Jonas is a bit amazed because he just knew that the Giver has a spouse but not a daughter. When the Giver said that his daughters name was Rosemary he looked happy and for Jonas it seems that the Giver looks truly happy for the first time that he knew him. What must the Giver had felt when he lost his daughter and it was kind of his fault? He has been the one who gave her this memories who has been the trigger for her apartness and for her release. He lost a daughter ba giving her her will -her will to learn more. But she wanted to know more because she was going to be the new Receiver. And how could it be that his own daughter fits the qualities for the selection. I thik he doesn't thought so. Maybe his behaviour -his cautious- rubbed off on his daughter. Or was she drilled to be the new Receiver? I didn't think so because he know of the mental pain. He does not want the same pain for his daughter that he made through. And after what I've read only ones with pale eyes can get Receivers. So why was Rosemary given to the Giver and his spouse? They don't know about the pain of course that must have been the fact. maybe they thought that the pale eyes are an advantage for Rosemary to be given to this family unit.
As a conclusion it must have been a hard time for the Giver to see what his daughter mades through and how she disappeared. It must have been very complicated for him and his spouse and espacially for him because he know what his dauhters reason was and because he "gave" her this reason.

Chapter 19

In the beginning of chapter 19 Jonas told the Giver that his father is releasing a twin that morning. Then Jonas said that he would like to watch the release of the twin but he also thinks that the release is already finished and he thinks that he isn't able to watch it neither. The Giver reminds him of his training instructions. There is one instruction which said that Jonas is allowed to ask anyone anything. But Jonas thinks that this situation doesn't fit into the instuction. The Giver told him that one time he'll have the access to everything. If he wants to watch a release he have simply to ask. The Giver ordered to see the release of the twin. A screen turned on and the release of the morning. Jonas and the Giver watch the release of the morning. A screen turned on and they start to watch the release. The release remebers the Giver of the release of Rosemary so he's quite. Jonas kept on watching the screen and sees how his father injected a liquid in to the forehead of the baby-boy. The little boy doesn't move any longer and Jonas feel a familar expression but he can't remember where it is from. Then he remember it. It was the same expression he feel when he saw the light-haired bloodied soldier. He know that his father had killed the newborn. He saw his  father picking up a carton anf´d lifted the little body into the carton and closed the lid tightly. Jonas then feel a terrible pain clawing its way forward to emerge a cry.

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chapter 18

sectionalized reading
p.108/ll. 16 : -Jonas asked the Giver if he ever thought about release
                     -their talking about their inability to "apply" for release
                      (not permitted to)
p.111/ll. 2:-Jonas asked the Giver about the failure ten years ago
                 -the Giver told him about Rosemary the prior twelve that 
                  have been selected to be the new Receiver
                   -After her fifth week Rosemary wanted some more 
                    difficult memories 
                   -the Giver transmitted lonlyness and loss to her
                   -after the lonlyness the Giver wants to enliven her
                   -but she can't handle the pain and stranger memories
                   -so she asked for release and never came back
p.112/ll.18:-Jonas asked the Giver what would happen if he had an 
                  -Jonas thinks about the memories. When he gets lost are 
                   the memories lost too?
                  -the Giver told him that when he lost the memories came 
                    back to the people because memories are forever
                  -if Jonas get lost the community would have to handle
                   with the memories he collected till then

So it was very hard for Rosemary to handle the hard stuff will Jonas be able to handle it ? What did you think of it!

This Couldn't be the real world ...

Hi folks I know I already posted this video in previour times but here it is once again and now I'll post the whole lyrics to better get into this song.

I woke up on this side
I thought it was a dream
At first we learned to walk
Then learned to scream

You can’t understand
When you’re fed from a tv screen
You can’t see the things that I can see
But I forget that you thank god and pray
Some things just never stay
And we all just slip away

This cant be the real world now
I don’t believe it
When I can’t see the truth
Welcome to the real world now
When all our carried in now only to poison you
Am I
The only one who thinks it’s tragic?
This cant be the real world now
No oh uh no oh

I look for some hope in every face that has a vacant stare
The shadows come but no one seems to care
The darkness floods every light that promised change
She passed sound asleep when the blood is stain the blood is pain
Somewhere I know that im not all alone
This bated breath I hold
My lungs want to explode

This cant be the real world now
I don’t believe it
When I cant see the truth
Welcome to the real world now
When all our carried in now only to poison you
Am I
The only one who thinks its tragic
Cuz I know
This cant be the real world now
No oh uh no oh
This cant be the real world now
No oh uh no oh

Just as soon as we see every floor in every mean we'll understand
Before the first time
Child to a man says only real words that he can
Its too late to smell the roses
When all emotions set aside
In a whisper say goodbye

This cant be the real world now
I don’t believe it
When I can’t see the truth
Welcome to the real world now
When all our carried in now only to poison you
Am I
The only one who thinks its tragic
Cuz I know
This cant be the real world now
No oh uh no oh
This cant be the real world now
No oh uh no oh
This cant be the real world
This cant be the real world
This cant be the real world now
No oh uh no oh

Jonas and all the others in the communty get a free day what is actually very rare so Jonas look for his friend Asher when he fins him Asher ans some other children were playing a "war-game". Jonas -now knowing about war and pain- finds it cruel and don't play with them he just stood there. When Asher asked Jonas what went wrong Jonas said them to never play this game again. Asher got angry because Jonas was so bossy he shouts but apologizes soon...

I think this song fits into the situation because Jonas don't understand why they play such a cruel game.The phrase "this can't be the real world now" catches Jonas' feelings.


In chapter 17 Jonas was talking a lot about love.Were do these feelings come out of a sudden? Because he got the memories of love or because he's not any longer taking the pill? Do he just apperceive this feelings because he knows the memories and don't take the pill any longer? Both or just one of the two?


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chapter 15 and 16

a painful and a joyful memory


In the second half of chapter 14 Jonas' father is telling the family unit that he has to decide on release of a twin. But why do they want release for a twin? Isn't that what they want: total sameness? It's a bit wierd isn't it?
I would enjoy to hear your opinion!


In my opinion this picture fits well into the first part of the chapter.


The Communities Evening Show (chapter 13)

I will write a show procedure where Jonas and the Receiver act like they were telling the truth to the host and the audience it's also an idea from the Giver to train Jonas capacity of lying by acting like he's offering the whole truth.
Host:" Tonight Ladies and Gentelman we'll have the biggest contention in our show ever. We made it through many spectacular shows and you know what I mean we had them all. But tonights evening we'll have the break in our show-history. Ladies and Gentlemen : student vs. teacher, young vs. old, Ladies and Gentlemen the two most honored persons in the community : the Giver vs. Jonas our future Receiver of Memory. Let's welcome our tonights starguests." hurricane of applause.
The Giver and Jonas entered the studio. Audience begin to scream especially the female. Host try to keep the horde calm by his overdone extra bleached smile.
Jonas embarrased but still acting cool :" Hi everyone"
The Giver sniffing :"The same prosedure as always"
Host smiling :"So Ladies and Gentlemen this are my guests for tonight :the Giver and the new Receiver -Jonas. to the two guests It's a honor to finally meet you. How is it going? to the Giver Is Jonas doing well? to the audience and the cameras As some of you may noticed: Jonas isn't able to talk about his training but today they'll publish some things to us and you will have a view into their training hours. So Receiver tell us about your training. What are you actually doing? Do you fight? Do you learn more than we do? What are you actually doing?"
Jonas concentrating:"Training starts like all trainings after school but that's a fact that the most should know because I go to school like everyone else. And it ends at the same time. What we start with is a view back to the past -"
The Giver: "Trainings. The past trainings."
Jonas: "Right. The past trainings just what I was about to say."
The Giver: "Sure!"
Host: "Seems like you were not always in the best relation right."
Jonas: "Oh no it's almost calm between us two just in some situations my enunciation is not appropriated and I need to learn to word things right."
The Giver: "Enunciation is important for the selection of being the Receiver."
Jonas nodding: "As the Chief Elder said at the ceremony there were different qualities I have to have.This one was one of the ones which were not told at the ceremony and it's a very important one"
Host: "Okay but now back to your training. What else do you do except for this sharing your erstwhile trainings."
The Giver: "We do kind of very special relaxing called yoga."
Jonas: "It's to perceive the body better."
Host:"What is this yoga like."
Jonas:" It's like ...-sports.Yeep sports."
The Giver: "Yes but that's just a little part of it nothing special we're not gonna so this the whole time along."
Host:"Soooo ...-"
Jonas: "So as you already said we do a kind of fighting.the audience murmurs Don't be afraid it's not that we're fighting against each other. We're fighting with each other.To improve our achievement."
The Giver: "That's exactly what we are doing.And we do kind of instructions it's like Jonas get some privat lessons. Additional lessons."
Host: "Sounds nice!"
Jonas:"Not really."
Host:" No not really you're right but isn't it boring for you. Ohh Giver I apologize my rudeness it was a bit against your approach."
The Giver:" I accept your apologize. But I think Jonas can't handle the boredom. And even if it's boring he handles the stuff quite good. So I don't matter if he sometimes loses concentration."
Jonas:" And I don't have to apologize for it that's quite cool."
breathtaking in the entire audience
Host:"What have you just said Jonas I mean it sounds like you don't hanve to apologize."
The Giver: "Yes that's right we actually wasn't about to tell this fact but ...Yes he don't have to."
Host:"Okay everyone that was an exiting little tour through the training of our new Receiver we all get to know more about it in the next show this was The Communities Evening Show.Join us tomorrow evening same time same station."

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Overview of received memories

During his adult-in-training Jonas receives many memories. So I thought to record this facts for each chapter. up to now Jonas already received some memories ...

  • chapter 11 - snow, sled, hill, sunshine, sunburn
  • chapter 12 - "red" ( color, capacity to see beyond), rainbow
...as you can see I've chosen different colours to mark whether a memory is good resp. normal or bad resp. painful.

During chapter 12 the author explained how it must be to receive the memories: You're still in the room from where you started your "journey" - rather your body is still their, it stays in its basic position-, you can move or change your position while you "went" through the world which is shown in the memories, you can feel the settings of this imagined world. The timeframe of being in this memory-world depends, it could be two or three hours or minutes but at the end just a few minutes past in the real world. 
Jonas experiences all this properties during his first two receives.
When the Giver transmitted the memories to him the giver lost his memory of the given memory but in most cases the giver owns more than just one memory, sometimes thousands of. To see a memory again you just have to think of it, remember the experience.

resp. = respectively - bzw. = beziehungsweise

Chapter 12: COLORS

redredredredredredredred          redredredredredredredredred redredredredredredredredred
redredredredredredredredred     redredredredredredredredred redredredredredredredredred
redred                         redred     redred                                    redred                              redred
redred                          redred    redred                                    redred                                redred
redred                          redred    redred                                    redred                                  redred
redred                         redred     redred                                    redred                                    redred
redred                        redred      redred                                    redred                                      redred
redred                     redred         redred                                    redred                                       redred
redredredredredredred              redredredredredredred          redred     color the world        redred
redredredredredredred              redredredredredredred          redred         see beyond!          redred
redred               redred               redred                                    redred                                      redred
redred                 redred             redred                                    redred                                     redred
redred                   redred           redred                                    redred                                    redred
redred                     redred         redred                                    redred                                   redred
redred                       redred       redred                                    redred                                  redred
redred                         redred     redredredredredredredredred redredredredredredredredredred
redred                           redred   redredredredredredredredred redredredredredredredredred                        


In the ending of chapter 10 the Receiver of Memory started to transmit the memory of snow to Jonas.
Chapter 11 starts with Jonas' feelings while the Receiver transmits the memory.
Jonas can feel the snow ,the coldness and the snowflakes brushing his tongue. A part of him was still aware that his body was lying on the bed in the Annex room. After Jonas made a physical ride on a sled he "came back" to the Annex room.
Now I'll try to translate the average part of the chapter into a roleplaying script

Jonas wake up from his memory response
Receiver: "How do you feel?"
Jonas honestly : "Surprised,"
Receiver: "Whew" pause "It was exhausting. But you know, even transmitting this tiny memory to you- I think it lightened me just a little."
Jonas: "Do you mean- you did say I could ask questions?"-Receiver nodded- "Do you mean that now you don't have the memory of it- of that ride on the sled- anymore?"
Reciever: " That's right. A little weight of this old body."
Jonas: "But it was such fun! And ow you don't have it anymore! I took it from you!"
Receiver laughing : "All I gave you was one ride, on one sled, in one snow, one hill. I have a whole world of them to you one by one, a thousand times, and there would still be more."
Jonas: "Are you saying that I -I mean we- could do it again? I'd really like to.I think I could steer, by pulling the rope. I didn't try this time, because it was so new."
Receiver shaking his head laughing: "Maybe another day, for a treat. But there's no time, really, just to play. I only wanted to begin by showing you how it works.Now lie back down. I want to - "
Jonas lie back down eager: "Why don't we have snow, and sleds, and hills? And whendid we, in the past? Did my parents have sleds when they were young? Did you?"
Receiver shrugging and laughing: "No. It's a very distant memory. That's why it was so exhausting- I had to tug it forward from many generations back. It was given to me when I was the new Receiver, and the previous Receiver had to pill it through a long time period, too."
Jonas: "But what happend to this things? Snow, and the rest of it?"
Receiver: "Climate Control. Snow made growing food difficult, limited the agriculture periods. An unpredictable weather made transportation almost impossible at times. It wasn't a practical thing, so it became obsolete when we went to Sameness. And hills, too, they made conveyance of goods unwieldy. Trucks, buses. Slowed them down. So-" waving his hand. as if a gesture had caused hills to disappear "Sameness,"
Jonas: "I wish we had those things, still. Just now and then."
Receiver smiling: " So do I, but that choise is not ours."

After this first response and this discussion the Receiver give Jonas a second memory without telling him the name of the thing he want to show him. The Receiver wanted to see how Jonas' receiving works. Jonas felt warmth on his back now he didn't move in his position he was still lying and after a short time he receives the name of the "thing" :sunshine. He realizes that it came from the sky. Jonas told the Receiver that he gave them the memory of sunshine and the Receiver said that the fact of Jonas getting the word really quick made his work much easier because he doesn't have to explain  so much. The Receiver realizes that Jonas receives good and learns very quickly. After the Receiver told Jonas that their finished for today Jonas asked the Receiver if it really would be painful- how everybody said- and the Receiver affirmed it. The Receiver shows Jonas by experience the "power of the sun" what it means that it could be painful. Jonas got a sunburn. In receiving-time he passed about a few hours even if his real-me just passed one or two minutes. At the end of the chapter Jonas asked the man how he could call him. The man told him to call him The Giver

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Chapter 10: Vocab list

For chapter 11 I've chosen to make a vocab list ... english to english. I looked up some "more difficult" vocabs and try to figure some similars out. But as far as I guess some are still "difficult".So I considered to translate them in to German as well

  • designated - nominated     (ernannt)
  • confessed - admitted     (eingestehen/gestehen)
  • Maintenance - care     (Pflege/Wartung)
  • indicated - notified/advertised/appropriated     (angezeigt/angebracht)
  • hastily - rash/abrupt     (hastig/voreilig)
  • Annex - addition/attachment     (Anbau)
  • toward - towards/to     (zu)
  • certainly - sure/of course     (gewiss)
  • either - also/too     (auch)
  • ordinary - normal     (normal)
  • unremarkable - unnoticed     (unbeachtlich)
  • buzzer - alarm     (Wecker/Buzzer)
  • instead - in place of     (anstelle)
  • unlatched - opened     (aufgeklinkt/aufgemacht)
  • contained - include     (enthalten)
  • acknowledge - convenant/honor/confess/admit     (anerkennen/vereinbaren/eingestehen) 
  • replied - responsed     (erwidern)
  • discomfort - bother/anxiety    (Unbehaben/Unannehmlichkeit)
  • origin - root     (Ursprung)
  • insure - save/backup/secure     (sichern/sicherstellen)
  • throughout - consistently     (immer/durchgehend)
  • relocated - moved     (umgezogen)
  • glancing - looking     (blickend)
  • furnished - eqquiped     (ausgestattet)
  • dwelling - flat/lodging/domicile     (Wohnung)
  • practicaly - solid/strong     (fest/stabil/stark)
  • spacious - roomy     (geräumig)
  • slightly - a little     (etwas)
  • carved - graven    (geschnitzt)
  • alcone - niche/recess     (Nische)
  • conspicuous - noticeable     (auffällig)
  • ceiling - platfond     (Zimerdecke)
  • necessary - needful/required     (nötig)
  • shiny - brilliant/sparkling     (funkelnd)
  • perhaps - maybe/possible     (vielleicht)
  • governed - controled/commanded     (beherrschen)
  • bowed - bent     (gebückt)
  • recognized(recognised) - realised     (erkannt)
  • separate - split/detached/severed     (getrennt)
  • consciously - aware     (bewusst)
  • pale - colourless     (bleich)
  • mirrored - reflected     (spiegeln)
  • lack - fail     (fehlen/mangeln)
  • response - echo/feedback     (Rückmeldung)
  • curiosity - nosiness     (Neugier)
  • concern - related to     (betreffen)
  • sympathy - empathy/condolence     (Mitgefühl)
  • wrinkled - lined     (faltig)
  • piercing - cutting     (durchdringend)
  • diminish - reduce/minimize     (reduziert/verringert)
  • neglect - ignore     (vernachlässigen)
  • successor - follower     (Nachfolger)
  • stated - called     (genannt)
  • transmit - send     (senden)
  • frowned - deprecated     (missbilligt)
  • grasp - understand     (verstehen)
  • wisdom - sapiential     (weisheitlich)
  • shape - configure/form     (formen)
  • exhilarating - inspiring/animating     (anregend)
  • apprehensively - serious/dubious/doubtful/alarming     (bedenklich)
  • beneath - under/below     (darunter)
  • aloud - noisy/loud     (laut)
  • astonishing - amazing     (erstaunlich)

Freitag, 1. April 2011


As I actually haven't worked on chapter 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 because I was ill but I'll try to post -as fast as I can- some posts on these chapters.

Now I'll post a picture on memories which will appear in the next chapter.

In my opinion it's an amazing picture. The colours point out the straightness of the communities belief in education, morality,conservatism and the "sternness" moreover it's the first coloured picture because only jonas is able to see the colours.
The motive shows the "dreamful behavior" of the community. In opposite to our community structure it is fogged for the members to see beyond (only the receiver can see beyond-> fourth quality <-colour) the "camouflage-tactic" of the authority-system.