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In the ending of chapter 10 the Receiver of Memory started to transmit the memory of snow to Jonas.
Chapter 11 starts with Jonas' feelings while the Receiver transmits the memory.
Jonas can feel the snow ,the coldness and the snowflakes brushing his tongue. A part of him was still aware that his body was lying on the bed in the Annex room. After Jonas made a physical ride on a sled he "came back" to the Annex room.
Now I'll try to translate the average part of the chapter into a roleplaying script

Jonas wake up from his memory response
Receiver: "How do you feel?"
Jonas honestly : "Surprised,"
Receiver: "Whew" pause "It was exhausting. But you know, even transmitting this tiny memory to you- I think it lightened me just a little."
Jonas: "Do you mean- you did say I could ask questions?"-Receiver nodded- "Do you mean that now you don't have the memory of it- of that ride on the sled- anymore?"
Reciever: " That's right. A little weight of this old body."
Jonas: "But it was such fun! And ow you don't have it anymore! I took it from you!"
Receiver laughing : "All I gave you was one ride, on one sled, in one snow, one hill. I have a whole world of them to you one by one, a thousand times, and there would still be more."
Jonas: "Are you saying that I -I mean we- could do it again? I'd really like to.I think I could steer, by pulling the rope. I didn't try this time, because it was so new."
Receiver shaking his head laughing: "Maybe another day, for a treat. But there's no time, really, just to play. I only wanted to begin by showing you how it works.Now lie back down. I want to - "
Jonas lie back down eager: "Why don't we have snow, and sleds, and hills? And whendid we, in the past? Did my parents have sleds when they were young? Did you?"
Receiver shrugging and laughing: "No. It's a very distant memory. That's why it was so exhausting- I had to tug it forward from many generations back. It was given to me when I was the new Receiver, and the previous Receiver had to pill it through a long time period, too."
Jonas: "But what happend to this things? Snow, and the rest of it?"
Receiver: "Climate Control. Snow made growing food difficult, limited the agriculture periods. An unpredictable weather made transportation almost impossible at times. It wasn't a practical thing, so it became obsolete when we went to Sameness. And hills, too, they made conveyance of goods unwieldy. Trucks, buses. Slowed them down. So-" waving his hand. as if a gesture had caused hills to disappear "Sameness,"
Jonas: "I wish we had those things, still. Just now and then."
Receiver smiling: " So do I, but that choise is not ours."

After this first response and this discussion the Receiver give Jonas a second memory without telling him the name of the thing he want to show him. The Receiver wanted to see how Jonas' receiving works. Jonas felt warmth on his back now he didn't move in his position he was still lying and after a short time he receives the name of the "thing" :sunshine. He realizes that it came from the sky. Jonas told the Receiver that he gave them the memory of sunshine and the Receiver said that the fact of Jonas getting the word really quick made his work much easier because he doesn't have to explain  so much. The Receiver realizes that Jonas receives good and learns very quickly. After the Receiver told Jonas that their finished for today Jonas asked the Receiver if it really would be painful- how everybody said- and the Receiver affirmed it. The Receiver shows Jonas by experience the "power of the sun" what it means that it could be painful. Jonas got a sunburn. In receiving-time he passed about a few hours even if his real-me just passed one or two minutes. At the end of the chapter Jonas asked the man how he could call him. The man told him to call him The Giver

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