Dienstag, 12. April 2011

post-reading activities

I decided to make a post-titeling the first. Easy going isn't it!

Okay I thought about a couple of  "new" titles for the book

This idea has to handle with Supernatural one of my favorite series ever (I first thought about the name and then started to think where I know it from).

(okay I wanted to put in a video here but I can't find the right one with blogger so just a link)

But here's another video (also another song but when you exactly concentrate on what Sam and Dean are talking about there are relations to the context of the book)

I thought this would work very well as a title because as you know Jonas rides along the road to nowhere at the end and the road seems endless. And it's my favorite opportunity.

I also thought about "And annualy greets the December" -as a approval to " Und täglich grüßt das Murmeltier"-as a possible title but I think "Decembers" suit better. The book begins with the December in which Jonas is going to be given his assignment and the book ends with a december where Jonas just in the night before the "ceremony-day" disappears together with the newchild which actually should been released the next day. So Decembers play a big role.

      3.Who's got what it takes to be
Okay I know this is also a title of one of the songs from the movie "Camp Rock" but it fits you need to admit me in this point I mean ask the Google translater for a translation of " who's got what it takes to be" into German and he will answer "wer hat was es zu sein braucht" and that sounds really philosophical.

So this are my three oportunities for a different titel for the book "The Giver". I hope you enjoyed the entire blog-thing as much as I did. I mean it was hard to get into it and for some it was sometimes hard to take their thoughts into the right words but at the end -this is the point where your head should shake in a sign that you want to admit- it was a cool time we spend simultaneously in front of the screen and our nose sunk into the book.


  1. Jantien,

    I'm impressed of how much efford you put into the post reading tasks, which certainly proves that you a) liked the book and lets me hope that b) you liked the idea of writing a blog parallel to the readin of the book itself.

    "The road so far" is a very optimistic view on the outcome of the story .. as it somehow tells the reader that the end is not really the end yet.

    I like the other two possible titles you suggest as well, especially as you always manage to give a reason for why you think they might be appropriate titles.

    Thanks for enjoying the work and thanks for keeping us updated on your reading. It was a real pleasure.

  2. I really enjoyed the parallel work with the blog and the book was also better then the ones I've read til now in English lessons.