Dienstag, 12. April 2011

Chapter 19

In the beginning of chapter 19 Jonas told the Giver that his father is releasing a twin that morning. Then Jonas said that he would like to watch the release of the twin but he also thinks that the release is already finished and he thinks that he isn't able to watch it neither. The Giver reminds him of his training instructions. There is one instruction which said that Jonas is allowed to ask anyone anything. But Jonas thinks that this situation doesn't fit into the instuction. The Giver told him that one time he'll have the access to everything. If he wants to watch a release he have simply to ask. The Giver ordered to see the release of the twin. A screen turned on and the release of the morning. Jonas and the Giver watch the release of the morning. A screen turned on and they start to watch the release. The release remebers the Giver of the release of Rosemary so he's quite. Jonas kept on watching the screen and sees how his father injected a liquid in to the forehead of the baby-boy. The little boy doesn't move any longer and Jonas feel a familar expression but he can't remember where it is from. Then he remember it. It was the same expression he feel when he saw the light-haired bloodied soldier. He know that his father had killed the newborn. He saw his  father picking up a carton anf´d lifted the little body into the carton and closed the lid tightly. Jonas then feel a terrible pain clawing its way forward to emerge a cry.

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