Freitag, 1. April 2011


As I actually haven't worked on chapter 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 because I was ill but I'll try to post -as fast as I can- some posts on these chapters.

Now I'll post a picture on memories which will appear in the next chapter.

In my opinion it's an amazing picture. The colours point out the straightness of the communities belief in education, morality,conservatism and the "sternness" moreover it's the first coloured picture because only jonas is able to see the colours.
The motive shows the "dreamful behavior" of the community. In opposite to our community structure it is fogged for the members to see beyond (only the receiver can see beyond-> fourth quality <-colour) the "camouflage-tactic" of the authority-system.


  1. Jantien,

    first of all - get well soon!
    Cool picture you chose. I think it illustrates very well what you describe in your text. Where did you find it or did you do it yourself?

    Languagewise, some comments:
    - I actually haven't workED
    - THESE chapters (plural!)
    - to belieVe - the belieF

    I'm looking 4ward to your posts.

  2. check !
    and here's the link i actually forgot it. My fault but I did it in our friday lesson and it lasted about half of my time to reformat the picture with paint :)

    WOW ... what a link :/