Sonntag, 10. April 2011

chapter 15 and 16

a painful and a joyful memory


  1. good choice of pictures. I only wonder whether a christmas tree with a loving family around would not even be a more joyful memory... as opposed to the cruel picture of war.

  2. Right but it's just an objectively way to make a comparison to a joyful and a painful emotion. I could also have placed some loving people instead of the christmas tree and a gun instead of the war but these two fit quite good because we had them in the book earlier -the receive of war and the one of christmas. I won't compare these two to each other 'cause war is so rooted in the human soul when it appears once and christmas you might remember but it's not that it is sooo present like war is. You remember on christmas conscious and the presence of the "wounds" you get during war is more incalculable 'cause mostly everything can remind you of it.